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I'm not so sure about my co-conspirators but with this blog and the club in general I have wanted to talk about new music. New music is awesome, and I don't just mean music from 2006, I mean music that's new to you no matter how old it is. Like the first time I heard Pink floyd. It wasn't new but it was still new to me and it blew my mind. Any way I'm sort of getting off topic. I'm supposed to be writing a review.

Now this is the first real post on this blog and I wanted to think of something good to write about. There were a few obvious choices like Pavement or the Pixies or Zeppelin but for some reason Blood On The Wall stuck in my mind. Now I know what you are thinking. Blood on the wall 50% death metal 50% emo, but they aren't at all. BOTW is a Brooklyn based trio who draw a lot of comparisons to the Pixes but that might be their biggest flaw. It's not that the pixies or that the comparisons aren't waranted (BOTW having a female bassist and definitely mimicing the Pixies sound) it's just that when you compare anything to a divine force like the Pixies its bound to fall short. Wow I just got off topic again. Why aren't you yelling "digression" at me? Anyway I do have a review to write.

Awesomer is BOTW's second album and its much better than the self titled debut. The whole album seems much more developed than the last one. That being said Awesomer seems to be a little less mature than the debute. Where BOTW had long drawn out pop songs Awesomer has fast odes to 1980's hardcore punk with songs Hey Hey and Gone. Another huge difference in this album is the texture. The first two songs Stoner Jam and Reunite On Ice are perfect examples of this. The voices of brother and sisster Brad and Courtney Shanks glide over the drums of Miggy Littleton. That's another thing about this album, Miggy's drums shine over the less then stellar guiar and bass work of the brother and sisster. It's not to say that the songs aren't melodic its just that the musicianship is less than stellar. However these instruments hold up and produce a solid ablum. Every song flows well into the next creating an album that seems to be in a dying breed: An album that isn't just about singles. That all being said there is one thing I haven't mentioned. Well it isn't a thing so much as a song. That song is Mary Susan. It is more than a song it is a reason the buy the album. It is amazing. Simply my favorite single of the 00's enough said.

Aweomser 8.9/10

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At 7:54 PM, Blogger Eebsta said...

All right! First comment! I don't think I've ever heard Blood on the Wall (heresy!), and I'm in no mood to start downloading random songs or search them on Google. My point? I dunno. I got the first comment? I would like to know more about this, how you say...BOTW.

At 7:54 PM, Blogger Eebsta said...

Oh, and how do i screw with the options on my User Profile page?

At 9:07 PM, Blogger my music is better than your's said...

the cd i gave you a while ago was awesomer and some other stuff. up in till the blanks its blood on the wall

At 10:18 PM, Blogger sfab14 said...

Well, you convinced me, I'll check them out if I get a chance.


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