Monday, March 19, 2007

Hip Tanaka

I was recently listening to Hip Tanaka's album "Splinter", the one I got in the 5 mystery Cd's for a buck thing at a dirty and dusty record store in Boston. Needless to say, the other 4 were shit but in all mystery deals, there is a masterpiece. Splinter was the masterpiece in that brown sandwich bag. Anyway, during a Prague meeting, David briefly mentioned that the second track, "Heart Attacks and Autographs" sounded familiar. I concur and think that a few others have been aired either on radio stations or commercials or somewhere else. Mostly it's just heart attacks/autographs and "6,000,000,000...And Counting"

I really want to find out more about Hip Tanaka but the internet has proved itself useless for underground independent suburban Massachusetts bands. All I could find was some unhappy person's copy of Splinter for sale on ebay. Searching for Hip Tanaka only resulted in a Japanese composer for Nintendo video games who I assume the band named themselves for.

Here's the tracklist to see if anything sounds familiar:

Ready Or Not
Heart Attacks and Autographs
Robert Duvall (David Duvall)
Freedom & Alex
Nature Rules
6,000,000,000...And Counting
Dr. Highway
Yes, I Suppose
Casino Driver

One last thing. Casino Driver is around 15 minutes long because (I think) there are a few different tracks in it like those occasional "secret" or hidden tracks at the end of some records or in between songs. After a long silence there is a pretty sick drum solo that really sounds like Gene Krupa playing...

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At 5:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yo, ho i found a few album reviews on pithforkmedia and all of there cds are on cd baby

At 8:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the gulf war vet the album is in memory of, turns out, is still alive


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