Monday, March 26, 2007

Dead Rock- Guitar Wolf

In 2005 when I heard that (Billy) Bass Wolf, of the band Guitar Wolf had died, I was rather upset. Not only had Japan no the world lost a wonderful musician, but it also appeared that Guitar Wolf would disband ending the greatest (maybe the only) Jet Rock 'n Roll band, but that wasn't the case. Guitar Wolf recruited a new bassist, UG, and Dead Rock was recorded.

Dead Rock follows there past nine albums delivering their insanely loud and awesome brand of Punk Rock. The one thing that is immediately noticeably different from their previous album is Dead Rock's length. Dead Rock finishes at just over 56 minutes which is about 15 minutes longer than their previous longest album (excluding there greatest hits record), but Dead Rock's length only means more awesome music. Dead Rock opens with the fist pumping title track. When (Seiji) Guitar Wolf (Guitar Wolf being the guitar player/vocalist) chants "Dead Rock" followed by some stuff in Japanese and then "Dead Rock" again I can't help but sing along making up my own Japanese. Dead Rock (the song) closes with a guitar solo that may not be face melting but it certainly is effective. Dead Rock (the album) rolls on with awesome track after awesome track never stopping to take a break or even to make sense. A great example of this is the fith track Sex Napoleon. The breakdown consists of Guitar Wolf (Seiji) yelling S-E-X over and over again. Sure surrounded by Japanese it might make some sense but to me it just sounds awesome. That brings me to a problem with this album (and all non English albums) I feel like maybe by not understanding the lyrics I'm missing a huge part of the song. On the other hand without lyrics I can understand I can focuse on what really matters the music. Anyway, the album continues for a total of 13 blistering tracks, each one asking to be played live, and moshed to.

While Dead Rock is not the best album by Guitar Wolf, it certainly expands on their early work. Anyone whose tired of crappy pop punk in the US or who dreams of leather clad garage rockers should pick this album up. And remember if you ever question how bad ass Guitar Wolf are just watch 'Wild Zero', a Japanese zombie movie where they save the world.

RIP Billy Bass Wolf

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