Thursday, May 11, 2006

An apology and music I've been hooked on

First I would like to offer a strong apology for the Hendrix DVD not working. I really should have checked before hand to make sure that it worked. That being said only one person came for Hendrix (beside Em) so I was thinking we should promote it more and I'll get a real DVD of it. And who knows we may even be able to get the lecture hall. In other news due to the possible absense of both Ms. Alicino and Mr. Randolph we need teachers. If you know any cool teachers ask them if they would do it.

Now since both Eby and Sasha have written about music they are currently listening to I have to decided to join the fun. Now I know I wrote that review about Blood on the Wall so you might asume I have been listening to that a lot, but that would be wrong. In fact to be honest I bought that album in January. Other than the usual mix Pavement, Guided By Voices, Pavement, Jimi Hendrix, Pavement, Velvet Underground, and Pavement recently I have been listening to a lot of shoegazing music. Shoegazing is a genere of music named because of the amount of effects pedals used (the artists were always looking at their feet). Bands like The Boo Radleys, My Bloody Valentine and, Ride have captured my mind. Other bands that have gotten heavy play on my I-pod of late are Dinosaur Jr and They Might Be Giants. Thats about it for now, catch you on the flip side.


At 6:57 PM, Blogger sfab14 said...

If someone has it, could you burn me a copy of Dinosaur jr. - without a sound. Thanks, and I saw some guy wearing a dinosaur jr. shirt today.


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