Monday, June 19, 2006

Bonnarroo 2006 recap

If you were in Manchester Tennessee between Friday and Sunday chances are you were at Bonnarroo. What us Bonnarroo you might ask. Well, Bonnarroo is a musical festival held annually in Manchester. It started out as a festival for Jam bands but slowly soled out in order to get more money and it became a festival for all musical acts. Artists like Radiohead, Sonic Youth, Matisayahu, The Dresden Dolls, and many more played there wonderful music. Despite the amazing musical cast I still scorned the event for turning its back on its roots. Bonnarroo is for bands like Guster, Phish, The Grateful dead, Dispatch and not for non jam bands, never the less the show went on as planned and turned out to be amazing by most accounts. The best part of all is that who was to show up on stage with Sonic Youth, none other than Pavement’s very own Stephen Malkmus. Oh wait it gets better he even reportedly said to Mark Ibold (former Pavement member/ current Sonic Youth member) that they should get back together and do some shows. Upon hearing this I realized something I didn’t scorn Bonnarroo because it became de-hippied I scorned it because I couldn’t go.


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