Monday, July 03, 2006

Record Store Review

The other day I was in Davies Square (near Tufts red line) and I came across a store with rad music blasting out. As I always do when I hear rad music blasting out of a store front I decided I would venture in to said store. It was called CD spins so I also figured it would be one more record store to across off my list (I'm trying to go to every record store in Boston this summer). When I walked in I was greeted by the familiar site of piles of used CD's topped one after another in what seemed to be unordered chaos. Although from the get go there was something different about CD spins, well two things actually. One there were no records, it was all CD's. The oddity that I noticed was that I had already been to a similar record store in adventures past. I spoke to the man behind the counter and it turned out there were indeed four other locations. I had already been to a CD Spins, but not this year nor last, the last time I was in fact at a CD Spins was at least in 2004. Anyways after further inspection I found out that what I appeared to be chaos was in fact somewhat organized. I took another thirty minutes or so to browse and came across many Jules. Since it was in fact a used CD store many of the CD's were CD's the former owner no longer wanted, therefore large collections of crap like Limp Bizkit were found. Also since it was a used CD store I wasn't able to look for anything specific I had to just look and find a hidden gem. I did in fact find a few hidden gems but my wallet was not so fat so I was only able to buy two of those gems: Here It Is by the Flaming Lips and Uncollected by Galaxie 500. CD Spins is a decent music shop but it's lack of vinyl and slightly over priced goods give it a score of 3/5.


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