Friday, August 25, 2006

Back for good

Hola friends! I just got back from Cape Cod and I am finally back to Newton for good (well basically). Musically my stay at Camp Yavneh was fine. We had a trip day to Portsmouth, NH and I went to a pretty cool local record store. Also a friend of mine, Jon Park, produced two songs which can be downloaded as podcasts off of iTunes. Just search Jon Park and you should see what it is. The songs are called "Until Forever" and "It aint true".

In other music related news during my stay in Cape Cod I bought the album "The body the blood the machine" by the band "The Thermals". It's a concept album about surviving a world ruled by Christian fascists. It's really good and I would suggest you go pick it up.

Now as for the club I'm fairly sure all we have to do to become a real club is to talk to Sasha's guidance councilor. We also of course need a faculty advisor.


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