Thursday, July 20, 2006

A First and a Last

If you recall during this summer I have written several reviews of music shops. Now you probably don't recall seeing as I've been the only one writing on this dam site, and in the past several weeks countless huge stories have been missed by this site because I have been too busy and because you guys have been to lazy (or possibly busy). So Syd Barrett died, The Who (not The Who?) launched a reunion tour, Paul Ruebens was in a Raconateers music video, and a bunch of other stuff has happened. Anyway I don't really care what has or hasn't been written on this site, but what I do care about is reviewing music shops. Now as the title suggests today will be a first and a last when it comes to my fabulous reviews it will be the first time one of these shops gets a good review and it will be the last time I write a review for a undetermined amount of time. So with out further adieu here is my review (That rhymed).

This past week my vagabondish travels found me in a quaint music shop that I had not had the pleasure of visiting. I was on Mass Ave between Harvard Sq. and the infinitely cooler Central Sq. I ventured into the small shop and my pupils dilated like they never had before. I was almost in shock at the massive collection of Vinyls. Ok ok maybe was a little bit stunned when I walked into the shabby looking store and saw so many records but there really were a lot. The odd thing was unlike most record store a majority of the records there were jazz and blues. So after taking a quick look around I began my hunt for some good cheap vinyls, and I was disappointed. After about maybe a half hour my hands were full with several cheap Jazz LP's ($3 a pop) and better yet a fairly rare vinyl by my favorite 80's punk band the Freeze. I had been looking for vinyls by them for few weeks now and I was elated at my find. I paid for my vinyls and left the store with a smile on my face. After a bit more walking I realized I hadn't even looked at the small CD section but it was getting late so I headed on. Loony Tunes is a great Vinyl store but it isn't amazing. 4/5


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