Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Another Record Store Review!

Ha ha You didn't think I could do it. You thought I would do one and then quite. You thought I was just a lazy slacker who would not be able to stick to his goals. Well you were wrong, except for the lazy slacker part. Well in a way you were right. This past week I didn't go to any cool record stores (I was in Maine most of the time so it's not like there are many). The only record store I went to was Newbury Comics. I know, I know Newbury Comics isn't anything new but it is still is my duty to review it. But I guess it makes sense that I am reviewing Newbury Comics. I mean reviewing a store that we all have been to more times than any of us can count is pretty half assed and this society is sort of about half assedness. This society is about being to lazy or too poor to go out and buy a record so it makes sense that I do a half assed review. Any way once again I'm rambling like a stoned hippie I'll get to the review now.

A few hours ago I made my way to Newbury comics with a bunch of coupons in hand. I was only planning on using two of these coupons. The one for 20% off all used CD's and the one for $3 off any Jesus and Mary Chain CD. I planned on doing what I always do walk into the Newbury Comics use one coupon walk out and then walk back in thus not using both coupons at once which is forbidden. Now there is more to my little trips to Newbury Comics. As soon as I get one of the coupons in my E-mail I email several friends of mine asking if they are interested in using one of the coupons. Usually one or more of my friends will want to use one. Now the friends who are the primary coupon users are friends of mine who have no access to a decent music store. So what happens is I go to Newbury Comics buy the CD's and then sell them the CD's for the amount I paid plus $2 for my troubles. Now this week's particular coupons were well received by my friends because used CD's are just as good as new ones and because Jesus and Mary Chain kick ass.

Crap I'm rambling again. Wait what was I writing about oh yes Newbury Comics. OK so I got to Newbury comics coupons and list of music I was supposed to buy in hand. The list included Psychocandy (2)* and Darklands both by Jesus and Mary Chain. So I walk right to the section where all of the used CD's are and search for the items on my list. After about thirty minutes of checking and then double checking for things I find that most of the CD's on my list were not currently available. No biggy right. So I decide to look through the aisles of new CD's to see if maybe they were there. Much to my dismay I couldn't even find most of the CD's there. The ones I did find were horribly over priced. Normally I wouldn't be so upset with not being able to find CD's (I mean it is Newbury Comics after all) but this time was different. It was different because I was looking for a bunch of Sonic Youth CD's. I mean come on what kind of music store doesn't have any Sonic Youth. Now what made matters worse was the claim written on the coupon that Newbury Comics is a "Cool Indie store". How can you be a cool inde store if you don't have any Sonic Youth? After bit more searching I did find one more of the CD's on my list it was Back In the USA by MC5. The problem with the CD's was the insane price they were asking for. They wanted people to pay $13 for a used CD! The same disc new would cost $10 at CD spins, and CD spins is expensive compared to many local records stores. So I bought the CD's from the list using the used coupon on two of them and walked out. Then I walked back in a few minutes later and looked around for the Jesus and Mary Chain CD's. Much to my dismay I could only find one copy of Psychocandy and found no copies of Darklands. Now that was the tip of the iceberg for me. They had a coupon for CD's they didn't have. Whoa I just realized how long and not half assed this review is wicked. Speaking of the word 'wicked' Newbury Comics claims to be Wicked cool but in reality they are Wicked the way Yuppies are Wicked. Newbury Comics saves it self from getting a zero out five because of the damp coupons. 1.5/5

*Two people wanted it


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