Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Tomorrow and Today

Tomorrow during jblock we need to plan for our first real meeting. We know we want something to offer perspective minions, and we also to have something good planned for them so they will decide they want to be part of our society (and then we can use them to take over the world).

Also in more important news today is the Demorcratic Primaries so if your registered in the Democratic Party make sure to head to your local library, school, where ever voting takes place in your town, and vote.

But in even more important news Thailand's army and police have staged a coup (they are over throwing the government) so far no bullets have been fired. For those ignorant americans Thailand is a country in southeast Asia bordering Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, and Burma. The former government of Thailand was very corrupt. The army plans to bring back democracy within days.

Also for those of you looking for a job at pitchfork media you can get one, if you have 2-4 years worth of experience in accounting:


At 12:32 AM, Anonymous Angry Corn said...

We should get a blog like u guyz. Of coarse ours would be much coola'.


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