Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Wow... it's been a while

So I was clicking through the channels on TV and I stopped when I heard the phrase "burning the tree". I continued to watch the show (Jim Rome is Burning (tree) on ESPN) and Rome was doing a segment about some (American) football player who was suspended for "burning the tree" and then he appealed the suspension on the grounds of second hand smoke. He won the appeal. Now this has nothing to do with music, but it is worth mentioning because I had never heard any sports announcer ever talk about marijuana. What made the segment especially note worthy was the amount of phrases Rome used to describe the consumption of marijuana. Aside from "burning the tree" Rome also used the following terms and phrases, "hitting the bong", "toking", "the bush", "burning the bong", "bud", and "hitting the spliff". Oh did I mention he crammed all of those phrases in a 2 minute piece.

On a more club related note Bryan and I were talking and we realized neither of us had spoken to Mr. Randolph in quite some time. So Mr. Randolph if you are out there hello.

That's about it.

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