Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Sleater-Kinney is no more

In a letter written on their website world renowned indie rock band Sleater-Kinney has announced that they will no longer be a band. Here is the press release:

After eleven years as a band, Sleater-Kinney have
decided to go on indefinite hiatus.

The upcoming summer shows will be our last. As of now,
there are no plans for future tours or recordings. We
feel lucky to have had the support of many wonderful
people over the years. We want to thank everyone who
has worked with us, written kind words about us,
performed with us, and inspired us.

But mostly we want to extend our gratitude to our
amazing fans. You have been a part of our story from
the beginning. We could not have made our music
without your enthusiasm, passion, and loyalty. It is
you who have made the entire journey worthwhile.

With love and thanks,

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Jeff got the job!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh wait now that Jeff got the job it should be Mr. Randy got the job. Wait crap that's still not right Mr. Randolph got the job. We will finally have our good friend and quasi mentor back, hooray! We will also get the society back, and that mean next year we can become a real club because up until now we've been a club the way Pinoccio is a real boy.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Bonnarroo 2006 recap

If you were in Manchester Tennessee between Friday and Sunday chances are you were at Bonnarroo. What us Bonnarroo you might ask. Well, Bonnarroo is a musical festival held annually in Manchester. It started out as a festival for Jam bands but slowly soled out in order to get more money and it became a festival for all musical acts. Artists like Radiohead, Sonic Youth, Matisayahu, The Dresden Dolls, and many more played there wonderful music. Despite the amazing musical cast I still scorned the event for turning its back on its roots. Bonnarroo is for bands like Guster, Phish, The Grateful dead, Dispatch and not for non jam bands, never the less the show went on as planned and turned out to be amazing by most accounts. The best part of all is that who was to show up on stage with Sonic Youth, none other than Pavement’s very own Stephen Malkmus. Oh wait it gets better he even reportedly said to Mark Ibold (former Pavement member/ current Sonic Youth member) that they should get back together and do some shows. Upon hearing this I realized something I didn’t scorn Bonnarroo because it became de-hippied I scorned it because I couldn’t go.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Midyear report

This past week the world celebrated a very special occasion, one half of the Christian year 2006 has ended. Now this isn’t a very significant milestone but never the less it is important. It is especially important in the entertainment industry because it marks what kind of year it will be for the industry. So I just thought I’d try to sum up the half year in music. Now since one of my goals in this club is looking down on things I’m not going to write about the best of 2006, and since its only been half the year I’m only going to mention five bands instead of the heavily favored ten or twenty. Now you may be asking your self, “What music will you, oh great David, be writing about if not the best? The answer simple the most disappointing albums this year (or half).

5. First Impressions of Earth- The Strokes: This album should have been amazing. There first two albums seemed to be building to something great, but on January 6th nothing great came out. Average is the best word to describe first Impressions and average is one word that should never be used to describe the strokes.

4. Return to the Sea- Islands: Everyone savvy to hip indie rock was wicked excited for this album, and so was I. But unlike everyone I was disappointed by the album. I was disappointed for two reasons, one I really liked the Unicorns and I was really looking forward to a strong release from former Unicorns Nick Diamonds and Jamie. The other reason I was so pumped for this album was the high rate it got on Pitchfork media and the recommendation from Mr. R (BTW remind me to ask Ms. Alicino where he is).

3. Eyes Open- Snow Patrol: There are several reasons why Snow Patrols 4th album makes this list. One reason this album was so disappointing was because Snow Patrol’s work up to this album was so good. Another reason and perhaps the biggest reason the album makes the list is the clear sound difference between this album and there last one, Final Straw. They clearly changed there whole music style between albums and I don’t think it was necessarily by choice. This brings me to my last problem. Between Final Straw and this album the members of Snow Patrol clearly spoke to someone from there label about how they could get more radio play, or in Laymen’s terms they sold out.

2. Pearl Jam- Pearl Jam: What can’t I say about this album that I haven’t already said? Well for one this album is so generic it makes me cry (Oh wait I’ve said that before). It’s even worse because Pearl Jam put out so many good albums before. They were one of the few bands that did what they wanted to do and were still able to sell records. Maybe they wanted to make a record like these or maybe Vedder was too busy complaining about Bush to make a good record but this album is clearly Pearl Jam’s worst effort.

1. Youth- Matisyahu: Out of all the records on this list I was most excited for this one. At the time I was in a Reggae mood and Matisyahu seemed to be the perfect modern day artist to fill my needs. The day of the release I went right from school to Newbury Comics and bought (and got a free EP). When I got home I imported it on to my I-tunes and had a listen. At first listen I wasn’t impressed. At second listen still nothing and by the third time I listened through the third time I was so annoyed at how bad it was I vowed not to listen to it for a long time (I still haven’t listened to it since). Not only did I eagerly await this album more than the others I also like it less than the others. So that is why Youth is the big loser of one half of 2006.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Even More Upcoming Events!

I have just found out that not one, but two incredibly crappy bands are coming in July! That's right, not just Madonna, but also the Dixie Chicks are coming to the TD Banknorth Garden! In real news, Def Leppard and Journey are coming in a few weeks, so get your tickets right away. In a completely unrelated topic, I'd like to point out that not once in my life have I fully listened to a Slipknot song, and never plan to. In fact, I've only ever liked two of the bands on that list. David needs to watch a spelling bee or two as well. So with that, I will once again not talk about anything.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Other up coming events

It has come to my attention that along with the up coming end of year Super Hero Letdown show The Wednesday Knights, Ace and Artemis, Day Sleeper, When Walls are Built, Lanterns and Lampposts, and the Final Farewell (TFF) will be playing June 22, 2006, at 266 Greenwood Street, Newton, MA 02459. The thing about this show is that its at a house and it might be invite only. Also Ace and Artemis will be playing June 16 at the West Suburban YMCA with Over the Border, Dubious, and Interruption. The other bands might suck but Ace and Artemis are really good.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Up coming event

As you all know the end is near. Our days of being fed natinalist propaganda are over, well till next September at least. Since school will no longer be in session our meetings will no longer take place. Despite that fact the society still has an event coming up. It really isn't our event but I think the event is something our Society should attened. On June 23 (the day after the last day of school) Superhero Let down wil. be preforming. Seing as they are a local band I encourage all music fans to come to the show and support them. And remember if you do come bring your padels because after all you never know how many 8th graders will be there.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


What a rip off, a once in a lifetime experience and nothing cool happens. Well, i guess nobody was expecting anything to happen but that's besides the point.
However, one thing happened that will most likely never happen again:
A radio station in Atlanta was playing metal all day. And I do mean all day. Of course, I doubt any of you like the sub-genre of metal they played, I sure enjoyed streaming it. Other than that, I just had hours of Slayer.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Grateful Dead - Vince Welnick

Vince Welnick, keyboardist from Grateful Dead, has died. Welnick became the fourth keyboardist for the jam band to die. He passed on June 2nd, 2006.
For the full story:
And yes, David, I know you think that I don't listen to them, but you can't say that I do or don't like a band.


As you may or may not know this week is this blog’s approximate anniversary. So in honor of this special occasion I have decided to type a special piece near and dear to all of our hearts… music I used to like that I now realize is so bad it makes me want to vomit. Before I start there are a few things I would like to say. First us being the Pretentious Music Society (until we change the name) it is our duty to make fun of crappy music even if we used to like it. Secondly I would like you all to remember that I probably am the most pretentious one of us all. Thirdly and most importantly most of you either liked this crap when it first came out or in the case of Michael (Bryan’s brother) you still worship some of these bands. Ok so here is the list going form least crap to worst crap.

5. Pavement

4. The Pixies

3. Metallica

2. Motley Crue

1. System of a Down

Clearly that was a joke. I mean it should clearly read like this…

5. Metallica

4. Motley Crue

3. The Misfits

2. Gogol Bordello (Worst Live Band Ever)

1. System of a Down

Again a joke, but the firs list is in order of how much I like the bands. OK so here is the real list with reasons why I liked the band and more importantly why they suck.


The reason Green day is only at number five on this list is because when I hear songs from this album (Dookie) I don't want to vomit. I can't remember the first time I heard Green day but I believe that I was around 5 years old. I remember once in Kindergarten one of the songs off this album (I believe it was Welcome to Paradise) was stuck in my head. Looking back I think the only reason I really began to like Green day was because of the amount I heard there songs. Many people our age will admit to still being a bit infatuated with this album but I can't really see why. The album is all melodies and as far as they go they aren't very unique or complicated. This album sounds identical to every other pop- punk album ever put out. It has the same power chords, the same lyrics about masturbation, and the same whiny attitude. The album does have one thing going for it, the cover art looks sort of cool.


The funny thing about Slipknot is that I don’t even know why I liked them. I believe at the time I heard the song Wait and Bleed on the radio, and I liked it so much I bought the CD. Wait no, now it’s coming back to me. After I saw the movie Scream 3 I liked it so much that I bought the CD. The second track on the CD was Wait and Bleed; I liked the song so much that I went out and bought the album. If I recall my favorite song other than Wait and Bleed was (Sic). Any way that warm feeling in my stomach I used to get listening to them has now turned to a more vomit inducing feeling. Another funny thing about Slipknot is that there still are people in our school that like them. I’m not going to name names but a certain 9th grader once said Slipknot was better than Pantera.


Blink-182 is just another generic pop- punk band. The first song by them I ever liked was dammit off there album Dude Ranch. I liked the song but I didn’t know any other songs by them so I didn’t buy the album. It was there next album Enema of the State that became rather successful. It gained heavy air play on the radio and I became familiar with many of the songs on it. My sister Rachel bought the album and I loved it. Most of the songs on the album are similar to one another. Again the same chords are played as in Green day’s Dookie. Lyrically the album is nothing special singing about typical pop-punk things such as immaturity and loneliness.


Out all of the bands on this list I grew out of POD the fastest. Well I was sort of forced out of liking them because they wrote a song where the lyrics were “Abortion is murder/ there at no other truth”. But before they became a total Christian rock psycho band I liked them. That being said I had a good reason for liking them. It was weeks after Rage Against the Machine had informed the world that they were going on “hiatus” and I needed a fix. I remember talking to one of my friends about how they were a good substitution for Rage. Now I know the real word for what POD is to rage… a terrible rip off. The lead singer even wear’s dreadlocks like Zach De

La Rocha. POD could be one of the worst bands ever to sell any records.


Finally comes a band so bad I am embarrassed to say I once liked them. This band makes POD look like Zeppelin drum roll please… yes you guessed it the band is Limp Bizkit. First off I would like to say this Michael F still has at least two of there CDs and I’m sure most of you did listen to them to. Anyway the year was 1999 it was the summer I was 9 and one band redefined the way the world will look at metal forever. Limp Bizkit and the band Korn both came out with ‘Metal’ records that had something new to them rap. This new hybrid genre was coined Nu- Metal. I first heard the ‘song’ Nookie on the radio and became entranced by the catchy hooks and because it was different. It seemed like there was something different about this song. I couldn’t put my finger on it then but I can now. The song broke new barriers in awful. I quickly begged my mom to buy it for me. We went to best buy and as soon as I got home I listened to the whole album over and over and over again. I was hooked, but it wasn’t the way I am hooked now to Pavement it was the way a junky is hooked on crack. The ‘album’ titled Significant other swept its way through the country and soon enough Limp Bizkit was headlining ‘Woodstock’ 99. A few years later Limp’s second album hit store selves and I pre ordered it. The first time I played it I remember wondering why it wasn’t as good as the last album. I know now that at that time the kidney stone by the name of Limp Bizkit had passed me. Limp Bizkit went on to record several more albums each worse than the next. They even managed to butcher a Who song.

So thats it, the worst music I used to liked. Hope you enjoyed and remember I know you liked it too so shut up.