Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Long time, no post II

(I wrote this a while ago but I was too lazy sign in so it was just a comment and I want to make sure you see it)

First of all I'd like to mention that if it weren't for Bryan I would have never seen your post. We miss you and music club no longer exists. South is basically exactly the same as it ever was. Nothing ever happens. We are currently selecting courses for next year.

As far as music when you mentioned the Radiohead album that threw me off, because I sort of forgot how long its been since I've seen you. Since you left I've been listening to a lot of No Age and Times New Viking. More recently I've spent quite a bit of time with Malkmus records in anticipation for Real Emotional Trash.

I hope you have a good time in Vietnam and Mazel Tov on your engagement.

Since I wrote this originally I have heard and dislike Real Emotional Trash. Recently I have listened to a lot of Nas. I don't think I mentioned this before but this year my English teacher is Ms. Popp and I know you two were in the trivia challenge together so I thought it was worth mentioning.