Saturday, January 27, 2007

Tapes, Tapes 'n ID's

Tapes 'n Tapes are coming too Boston! But the only society member who will be able to see them is Mr. Randolph because they'll be at the paradise. As much as I hate it when acts cancel shows its far worse when they play 18+ shows. Why 18 it makes no sense. If I can't go to a show no one under 21 should be allowed to go. The worst thing about it is most of the great shows are 18+. Last year Wolf Parade, Dinosaur Jr, Band of Horses, Blood on The Wall, and Robert Pollard only played 18+ shows in Boston (just to name a few). At this rate Modest Mouse will play 18+ hey, probably Malkmus too.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Some of those who are retired are the same that are headlining Coachella

It's official the only good band that has ever been called rap rock is coming out of retirement to headline Coachella. Yes, Rage Against The Machines are back, well at least for one night. Coachella also announced that Tapes n Tapes, Sonic Youth, Tokyo Police Club, The Arcade Fire, Willie Nelson, and others will be joining Rage for the three day festival. This must be Coachella's apology for last years horrendous lineup. Anyway, I'm just hoping Rage will be back for good.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Next Meeting

Hello friends, as you will surely know before you read this post I am not at school. I have a fever and possibly the flu, so I'm not at school (maybe not even tomorrow). Anyway this post is about what we will be doing in an upcoming meeting (due to Prague I can't be sure when). As I've said before I will bring in a Guided By Voices DVD called The Electrifying Conclusion. For those of you not in the know (possibly all of you) Guided By Voices are one of the most famous and most beloved indie bands of all time. They are also probably my second favorite band (just behind My Chemical Romance). Guided By Voices were around for almost 20 years and were famous for the amount of alcohol they consumed on stage (more than most Russians can handle). They came out with like 20 albums my favorites being Alien Lanes, Bee Thousand, and Propeller. The Electrifying Conclusion is a DVD of their last concert ever (new years eve 2004 (12/31/2004)) and is over 4 hours long. Clearly we aren't gonna have time for the entire 4 hours and we aren't going to watch it during 5 different meetings. Anyway just thought I'd let you guys know a little bit about the band. I'd suggest you try to listen to some of their music before next meeting. Oh and they have a bunch of songs under a minute long so you can iTunes preview most if not all of the song.


Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2007 upcoming concerts

There are a bunch of big concerts coming up that I will probably go to and I figured you fools would probably like to know about them, although I'm not sure any of your like these bands. Anyway here they are:

TV on the Radio: Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel (Providence), May 1
Sebadoh: Pearl Street Night Club (Northampton), May 29, Paradise (probably 18+) , May 30
Also the Plug Awards (the biggest indie awards show) will be in New York on February 10th and the great Stephen Malkmus is getting a life time achievement award.

The biggest problem with all of these events is the distance from Newton, but I'm trying to line stuff up. If your interested in any of it drop me a line.