Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tapes n Tapes

In 2003 four guys from Minneapolis recorded their first EP. It was self titled and released on their very own label Ibid records the following year. Skip ahead to 2005 the band self releases their first LP and a little while later get picked up by XL Records, who re-release the album in 2006. That's when blogs and pitchfork media come in. You see the band becomes a hit (and proceed to play 18+ shows). The band of course is Tapes n Tapes and I'm going to tell you about their debut EP.

Before I start to actually talk about the record let me tell you how insanely hard it is to get. As soon as I first heard The Loon in July 2006, I began looking for all the Tapes n Tapes music I could get. I soon found out that they had an early EP and I began my search. I checked Ebay, CD baby, Amazon, dozens of record stores, itunes, and record yardsale, and the only place that recognized it as ever existing was the Tapes n Tapes website where of course it was sold out. Clearly the album was out of print, but finally in December I found it on Ebay.

From the opening track, Beach Girls, there a few clear difference between this EP and The Loon especially the amount energy. The Loon is good but besides maybe Jakov's Suit none of the tracks on it come close to the energy in this EP. Another major difference (and downgrade) is how they clearly traded in some of the dirtiness of this record when recorded The Loon. This dirtiness particularly on the guitar adds a huge punch and is also part of the overall energy of this album. But dirtiness and energy aside what really matters are the melodies, and they are awesome. Another key aspect of this EP is that every song is good this is truly all killer/ no filler. At first the second track My Name Is Not Heratio didn't seem all that necessary to me but the more I listen to it the more I like it. It's sort of in the vein of Chelsey's Little Wrists and it rocks. Lastly it should be noted that these songs are much more Insistor than Omaha, but in away that just the energy thing again. This is a really great EP that I would most certainly tell every Tapes n Tapes fan to get. It really is a must have. Also I think it is a fair bit better than The Loon and one of my favorite EP's.

Key Tracks: Beach Girls, 50's Parking, The Lion

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Gogol Bordello for Bonnaroo

Gogol Bordello and Manu Chao (they're French, not Asian) are going to play at Bonnaroo. Too bad the rest of the bands aren't as good.

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

TV On The Radio

So a little while ago I mentioned that TV On The Radio were touring and were going to play in Providence well last Friday tickets went on sale for a show in Boston. TV On The Radio will be playing at the Avalon on May 1st. I plan on going and if any of you want to go tell me soon so I know how many tickets I need to buy. Tickets are $16 plus a service charge (unless I go to the box office which I might). Have a nice vacation.


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines Day/ Snow Day

Today is the Hallmark holiday of love and nothing says love like mix tapes (oh and I do mean Mix tapes, mix CDs or bad), but if your reading this blog your probably aren't one of those normal people, most likely your a lazy slacker who listens to a certain Sublime song a lot. Well, here's a mix tape for that boy or girl in your life.

1. With You by The Flaming Lips
2. Everywhere by Polaris
3. Punk Rock Girl by The Dead Milkmen
4. Wonderful, Wonderful by Sebadoh
5. Loretta's Scars (live) by Pavement
6. Brand New Colony by The Postal Service
7. Just Like Heaven by Dinosaur Jr (the original version is by the Cure but it isn't very good)
8. When You Sleep by My Bloody Valentine
9. Everything and Nothing by Hamell On Trial
10. Please Do Not Go by The Violent Femmes
11. The Goldheart Mountain Top Queen Directory by Guided By Voices
12. I'd Like To Take you out Tonight by Blood On The Wall

It has also come to my attention that today is for some odd reason a snow day. So I made a little mix tape that captures the pure joy and mayhem of not going to school.

1. Fuck School by The Replacements
2. Rock 'n Roll High School by The Ramones
3. Cats In A Bowl by Dinosaur Jr
4. Tottally Wired by The Fall
5. Everything's Exploding by The Flaming Lips
6. If Reagan Played Disco by The Minutemen
7. This Is A Call by The Foo Fighters
8. I Remember by MDC
9. Wildcat! by Be Your Own Pet
10. Take The Skinheads Bowling by Camper Van Beethoven
11. Come Sail Away by Styx

Have a nice day

Notice anything different about the gravity today?
Try writing something with your foot
(If you get that reference awesome...)


Sunday, February 11, 2007

We Are Cool; Rolling Stones Magazine So Not

I know I was talking about writing more well I didn't lie. Yeah so I was rambling round the internet and I went to Largeheartedboy (a website/blog that is named after one of the greatest songs ever (it's on Guided By Voices Propeller) and I saw they compiled a list of all the websites/blogs that did best of 2006 articles and we were on it.
Yeah so scroll down to pre and it links to us. Shut up I though it was cool.

Oh also I was curious so I looked at the Rolling Stones list and It was probably the worst list I have ever seen.


Menomena + Matt and Kim

Hello friends its a beautiful day because the blog is finally being used again! (Oh by the way pretend the first ! in the title is upside down so its like that language that most of this country speaks) Anyway I've decided to start writing on this blog more. Remember when I used to review music (wait, I think it happened once) well I'm gonna be at it again. Oh also remember when I used to complain about a certain duo not giving Boston any respect, well I'm also at it again.

So far my 2007 music year has been slow. I've only bought one album (although there are like 10 different albums I want), I've only been to a few small shows, and I have three broken strings on my gitbox that need replacing. But none of that matters because the one CD I did buy was Menomena's ill disc Friend and Foe. First off let me tell you about the most immediate thing about this album, the cover art. If you look at a picture of it online it doesn't look so great but when you see it up close it is insane. Its this hand drawn sketch with holes in it and you can see parts of other hand drawn sketches through the cover. Yeah that was a horrible description but at some point I'll show it to you guys.

So, on to the music... it is ill. The music is a mix of indie rock, electronica, Jazz, and horns, so think Neutral Milk Hotel mixed with DJ Shadow. The first half of the album is good albeit a bit conventional while the second half is much more experimental and is where this album really comes together. The track Ghostship is pure bliss. Opening with this deep nicely paced bassline and what sound like maracas. It then flows into this steady piano and then comes in a voice. Ghostship is hauntingly beautiful. Another highlight is Boyscout’n which is clearly the most upbeat track. Boyscout’n is all about this killer horn and whistle. The horn stays strong on the next track Evil Bee where it dominates creating a really jazzy feel.

I could go on about this album because I really like every song a lot (save for Air Aid). Friend and Foe is full of really strong songs that surprisingly come together to form a great album. My one quarry with this album is that the first 4 tracks don’t really fit with the end of the album (did I just contradict myself no I didn’t shut up).

Key tracks: Muscle ‘n Flo, Running, Evil Bee, Ghostship

Oh wait I almost forgot about Matt and Kim yeah so remember how they canceled on Boston a little while back well now as far as I'm know they haven't even scheduled a show in Boston. I guess my car park (garage as you fancy americans (yeah that's right no capitol ) say) won't host any shows. Actually maybe we could get them to play at our school we can even pretend we're doing it for charity.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Russkaja Video

There is absolutely no reason for this video, but thought I would post it just for the hell of it. Also, apparently, Russians were never taught how to skank properly.

This might even be the song that inspired Kevin Smith to put the Russian metal singer in Clerks. Not likely, but you can see the similarities if you listen to the random english sentences stuck into the song.