Monday, March 26, 2007

Dead Rock- Guitar Wolf

In 2005 when I heard that (Billy) Bass Wolf, of the band Guitar Wolf had died, I was rather upset. Not only had Japan no the world lost a wonderful musician, but it also appeared that Guitar Wolf would disband ending the greatest (maybe the only) Jet Rock 'n Roll band, but that wasn't the case. Guitar Wolf recruited a new bassist, UG, and Dead Rock was recorded.

Dead Rock follows there past nine albums delivering their insanely loud and awesome brand of Punk Rock. The one thing that is immediately noticeably different from their previous album is Dead Rock's length. Dead Rock finishes at just over 56 minutes which is about 15 minutes longer than their previous longest album (excluding there greatest hits record), but Dead Rock's length only means more awesome music. Dead Rock opens with the fist pumping title track. When (Seiji) Guitar Wolf (Guitar Wolf being the guitar player/vocalist) chants "Dead Rock" followed by some stuff in Japanese and then "Dead Rock" again I can't help but sing along making up my own Japanese. Dead Rock (the song) closes with a guitar solo that may not be face melting but it certainly is effective. Dead Rock (the album) rolls on with awesome track after awesome track never stopping to take a break or even to make sense. A great example of this is the fith track Sex Napoleon. The breakdown consists of Guitar Wolf (Seiji) yelling S-E-X over and over again. Sure surrounded by Japanese it might make some sense but to me it just sounds awesome. That brings me to a problem with this album (and all non English albums) I feel like maybe by not understanding the lyrics I'm missing a huge part of the song. On the other hand without lyrics I can understand I can focuse on what really matters the music. Anyway, the album continues for a total of 13 blistering tracks, each one asking to be played live, and moshed to.

While Dead Rock is not the best album by Guitar Wolf, it certainly expands on their early work. Anyone whose tired of crappy pop punk in the US or who dreams of leather clad garage rockers should pick this album up. And remember if you ever question how bad ass Guitar Wolf are just watch 'Wild Zero', a Japanese zombie movie where they save the world.

RIP Billy Bass Wolf

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Monday, March 19, 2007

Hip Tanaka

I was recently listening to Hip Tanaka's album "Splinter", the one I got in the 5 mystery Cd's for a buck thing at a dirty and dusty record store in Boston. Needless to say, the other 4 were shit but in all mystery deals, there is a masterpiece. Splinter was the masterpiece in that brown sandwich bag. Anyway, during a Prague meeting, David briefly mentioned that the second track, "Heart Attacks and Autographs" sounded familiar. I concur and think that a few others have been aired either on radio stations or commercials or somewhere else. Mostly it's just heart attacks/autographs and "6,000,000,000...And Counting"

I really want to find out more about Hip Tanaka but the internet has proved itself useless for underground independent suburban Massachusetts bands. All I could find was some unhappy person's copy of Splinter for sale on ebay. Searching for Hip Tanaka only resulted in a Japanese composer for Nintendo video games who I assume the band named themselves for.

Here's the tracklist to see if anything sounds familiar:

Ready Or Not
Heart Attacks and Autographs
Robert Duvall (David Duvall)
Freedom & Alex
Nature Rules
6,000,000,000...And Counting
Dr. Highway
Yes, I Suppose
Casino Driver

One last thing. Casino Driver is around 15 minutes long because (I think) there are a few different tracks in it like those occasional "secret" or hidden tracks at the end of some records or in between songs. After a long silence there is a pretty sick drum solo that really sounds like Gene Krupa playing...

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Monday, March 12, 2007

If you though the rollings stone's list of albums of the year was bad...

So every week I get email from Newbury Comics about deals on CD's, well this week they were advertising a list of the 200 'definitive' to complete your collection presented by the rock n roll hall of fame. Naturally the list is horrendous. Here are a few of my problems with the aforementioned list. The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, and Led Zeppelin have a total of 15 albums on the list. NWA's masterpiece is 108 far behind Eminem's the Marshall Mather Ep. That take me to my next point some genre's of music are just stuck together in clumps. Case in point: 28. EMINEM-Marshall Mathers Lp OUTKAST-Speakerboxx-Love Below 30. DR. DRE-Chronic 31. BEASTIE BOYS-Licensed To Ill Or: 10. NIRVANA-Nevermind 11. PEARL JAM-Ten. The list includes: 2 Greenday albums, Jewel, Kid Rock, Creed, and Avril Lavigne. Some good bands had the wrong album on the list Radiohead had OK Computer (instead of Kid A, Hail to The Thief, or The Bends). Needless to say the list contains no bands signed to independent labels. For the entire crap list go here:

In good news Be Your Own Pet will be playing an all ages show at the Avalon on May 13th. Of course I'm stoked (a word used far to little) but there is one problem, I believe they I co headlining with The Arctic Monkeys. Oh well, Be Your Own Pet are supposed to be insane live. If anyone wants tickets tell me.

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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Shows you can't got to VOL II

So I saw that Times New Viking were coming to town so I got excited I then saw that of course they were playing an 18+ show. That's ok there are other cool bands coming to Boston soon take The Thermals oh wait they're playing a second 18+ show hear in support of their latest album. What about Menomena? No wait there at Great Scott another friendly 18+ venue. Surely some one will play a show I can go to with out purchasing a fake ID. But don't worry there is one band I can see! Dr. Dog playing an 18+ show in Boston, but making up for it by playing two other all ages shows in New England (and an 18+ show) of course I will either need to go to Vermont or North Hampton to go to them. So thank you booking agents and thank you Boston Club owners for making it so damn hard for high schoolers to go to shows. Now yes, there are plenty of all ages shows happening, but still when so many different bands that I really want to see play 18+ shows it pisses me off. Till next time...

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